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Personal Property Tax Independence Act Tax Calculator
Excel calculator to see your tax savings under the provisions ofThe Property Tax Independence Act. Now includes calculations for Philadelphia property tax reduction!

The Property Tax Independence Act Petitions
Sign an individual petition to demonstrate your approval of the The Property Tax Independence Act or distribute a multi-signature petition to really gather support! Print extra copies for your friends, family, and neighbors so they can help, too! Download the petitions as PDF files here.

Why school property taxes need to be eliminated!
Two excellent essays on the fallacy of property taxes for education funding.


House Bill 1776 and Senate Bill 1400, the Property Tax Independence Act, was introduced on Monday, April 2!

We're on our way!

HB 1776/SB 1400, the Property Tax Independence Act, was introduced at a press conference on Monday, April 2. From the press release:

WHAT: A news conference to unveil the Property Tax Independence Act (House Bill 1776/Senate Bill 1400), a proposal to completely replace school property taxes in Pennsylvania with alternative state revenue sources.

WHO: State Representative Jim Cox (R-129), state Senator Dave Argall (R-29), state Representative Rick Saccone (R-39), state Representative Tom Caltagirone (D-127), Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition Spokesperson David Baldinger, property owner Patrick Briegel, and additional members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

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The video of the press conference is below.


Property Tax Independence Act Press Conference - April 2, 2012