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Please see the new rally message from State Representative Jim Cox that is directly below this update.

23 April 2012


I have a short but very important update for you today.

Monday, May 7, is a critical date for the Property Tax Independence Act. On that day prime sponsors Representative Jim Cox and Senator David Argall, other members of the General Assembly who support our efforts, and taxpayers from across Pennsylvania will gather in the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg for a rally to declare our independence from the tyranny of property taxes.

What: Capitol Rally for Property Tax Independence
When: Monday, May 7
Time: 10:00 AM
Where: The State Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg

This event is tremendously important to our efforts. We need to demonstrate to the Governor and to the Harrisburg lawmakers, in the most passionate manner possible, that we have had enough of ineffective property tax “relief” measures and that we will only settle for the complete elimination of this onerous and unfair tax through the enactment of House Bill 1776 and Senate Bill 1400, the Property Tax Independence Act.

If you believe in and support the total elimination of the school property tax through the Property Tax Independence Act your attendance at this rally is vital!

This will be a major media event that will help to publicize far and wide the news of the Property Tax Independence Act. Masses of taxpayers will make a huge impression, so please make every effort to be present for this historic rally. Bring your friends and neighbors, arrange car pools, spread the word as widely as possible, and do all you can to show your support. A flyer promoting the rally that you can print to post or distribute is here.

Some groups in various areas of the state have arranged for bus transportation at reasonable rates.

Berks, Schuylkill, and surrounding counties:
Departs: Leesport at 7:30 AM, Shillington at 8:00 AM
Cost: $15 or $20 with a box lunch
Contact:; please include your name, telephone number, departure point, and box lunch preference

York County:
Departs: Tractor Supply on Rt. 30 at 8:45 AM
Cost: $10
Contact: Lee Ann Burkholder, or you can register on-line here.

Monroe County and the Northeast:
Departs: Blue Mountain Lake Club, East Stroudsburg at 6:30 AM
Cost: $28.00
Contact: or call 570-421-2129

Gettysburg and Adams County
Departs: Gettysburg Wal-Mart, Route 30 at 8:45 AM
Cost: $15.00
Contact:; please include your name, phone number, and number of seats requested

Montgomery and Southern Berks Counties:
Details to be determined
Contact: Dave Pool,

Eastern Lancaster and Western Chester counties:
Details to be determined
Contact: John McCartney,

Please check back frequently for updates to this listing, as more trips and details may be added.

We absolutely need you to attend! Feel free to bring signs, too, but be sure to not attach them to sticks – they’re not allowed in the Capitol.

Please forward this email to everyone you know.

I’ll look forward to meeting you there.

David Baldinger
PTCC Administrator

Now is the time for action!

A message from State Representative Jim Cox

Dear Friends,

Now is the time for action!

On Monday, May 7, at 10:00 AM, supporters of House Bill 1776 will hold a Property Tax Independence Rally in the Main Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg. I hope that you will join me and a great crowd of supporters who want to send the governor and General Assembly a simple yet straight-forward message: End the tyranny of school property taxes!

If you plan to attend the rally, please visit this page on my website to RSVP.

While I’m honored to host this event, the truth is that this rally is all about YOU, not me.

With that in mind, I am looking for some of you who would be willing to share your own story at the rally about how school property taxes have negatively affected your life or how replacing them would be a benefit to you. We want to hear stories from people from all walks of life – from farmers to teachers, attorneys and real estate agents, to college students and stay-at-home moms. We would like these stories to be from across all regions of Pennsylvania and from citizens of varying ages.

While you do not need to share your story in order to attend the rally, it would be very helpful as we attempt to show legislators and the governor the real-life impact this issue has on Pennsylvanians.

If you plan to attend the rally, we have prepared a packet of information to help you plan your trip to the state Capitol. It includes a map of the Capitol complex, parking locations and other helpful information. Some groups have already scheduled buses to travel to the Capitol. Car pooling is always encouraged.

This rally will be different from the usual Capitol standard where a parade of politicians talks about themselves. Instead, we want the rally to be about you telling the lawmakers why school property taxes must be eliminated. This rally is intended to give supporters of property tax replacement a VOICE.

I hope to see you on May 7!



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